Failing tooth #5 was removed and replaced with an immediate dental implant and a temporary tooth. Above is the result at the conclusion of the procedure. There was no bruising or swelling and no sutures were used. Note: All photos on this website are from Dr. Akin's clinical practice.

Immediate Dental Implant Temporaries or 'Provisionals'

Dr. Akin has developed, and teaches other specialists, techniques to provide immediate tooth replacement with temporaries placed on the dental implant the same day.  

Advantages for candidates of this procedure include:

  1. Providing a beautiful non-removable immediate tooth replacement
  2. Minimally invasive - the entire procedure is performed through the tooth socket
  3. There are no incisions, therefore no sutures (stitches)
  4. Minimal to zero postoperative pain 
  5. Immediate stabilization of the anatomy of the tooth socket preventing tissue collapse
  6. Sealing the implant site

Following is an excerpt from Dr. Akin's August 2014 publication titled Immediate Provisionalization: A Surgeon's Perspective.

"As the sophistication of dental implant treatment protocols and alveolar grafting continue to progress, our specialty remains positioned to provide the most comprehensive treatment modalities in reconstructive dentistry. Our broad surgical training gives us tremendous advantages when implementing and applying new treatment modalities. Often the new techniques that are developed within our specialty are adopted quickly through specialty specific journals and meetings. ... While the pioneers in our specialty continue to push the limits of what is possible for our patients, we should not overlook the usefulness of elegant approaches to enhance the dental-implant process."


See also: Richard Akin, DDS, MD August 2014 Selected Readings in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

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